Police Room   XD-JWS-03    
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The tough room and indirect bright lines give a strong visual impact. It not only shocks the solemn image of criminals, but also the impression of serving the people in the hearts of the people. It is another beautiful landscape in the contemporary city...
Convenient office environment: large indoor space, large window design provides a wider view, allowing indoor staff to enjoy a more free and pleasant office environment, and double the work efficiency... The integrated indoor computer can save more space and have more comprehensive functions. The three-in-one printer and shredder for printing, scanning and copying can provide more convenient office conditions. The luxurious combination of home-style interiors and integrated window blinds provide the warmth of home.
Reliability: The high-strength special steel and multi-layer anti-rust measures can effectively ensure the overall high strength and corrosion resistance, and greatly extend the service life of the police room. The high-end modular home interior is firmly and reliably combined with the room. To maximize the durability of the police room...

Feature of product:

1. The appearance of the police room should use a uniform police logo to make the product overall atmosphere, eye-catching, beautiful and fashionable. The LED display and voice broadcasting system on the car can be broadcasted on the legal system for publicity, warm reminders and precautions. To make the police room more affable.
2. Configure searchlights, cameras, dedicated data transmission networks, voice transmission systems, etc., and apply contemporary technology to police equipment as much as possible to make the police room more modern, advanced and innovative.
3, the box body is resistant to acid and alkali, no toxin, no odor, no need for secondary processing inside and outside decorative surface, zero formaldehyde interior decoration to ensure that the public security police can have a comfortable and environmentally friendly environment in the law enforcement process.
4. The police office should use high-quality steel welding according to the concept of “pragmatic fashion, police innovation”. When it receives emergency tasks such as card set-up and inventory check, it can quickly adjust the police force and rush to the designated site.
5. The LED warning light has the characteristics of low carbon environmental protection, energy saving and long service life. After the warning light is installed in the police room, it can be clearly seen 200 meters away, and it can provide a warning and restraint to the lawless elements in a wider range.
6. In addition to the necessary police equipment, the room will be equipped with common medicine cabinets, maintenance kits, fire extinguishing appliances and simple rescue and disaster relief equipment. It makes the police office more humanized and better provides services for the jurisdiction and the people in the past.

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