Simulation of the police        
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The model consists of a Chinese police uniform, which is a traffic safety warning device. It is mainly placed in the suburban, county and high-grade highways to remind the driver to observe the discipline and safety, so as to reduce traffic accidents. Due to the current constraints of the state's financial resources and the preparation of the two factors, the traffic police force has long been insufficient, and the simulated police can make up for the blank space along the highway.
Application: Highway sections, national highways, provincial highways, etc. All kinds of road sections and road turning places where traffic accidents are likely to occur: turn in the mountainous area of the scenic spot, in front of the tunnel, on the road construction site, and in the ceremonial station of the toll station: in front of the office building of all levels of administrative agencies, Central flower bed, public security checkpoint, city center square

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Technical Datas:

Police statue 185CM (male) /170CM (female)
FRP material The first floor podium (integrated with the statue) 20CM, diameter: 65CM
FRP material Second floor podium: height: 30CM, diameter: 95CM, steel structure