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Our Mission:Implementation of strengthening police with science and technology and builds a harmonious society

Operation Philosophy

Enterprise Inspiration: Creative Dedication Credibility and Integrity Harmonious
Corporate Cbjectives:Creating a global brand, achievement of century Xingdun
Corporate Mission: To offer high quality of products and services for public security organization.
Corporate Environment: Interpersonal affinity
Core Competitiveness: Sustainable development, Continuous Innovation


Vision of corporate century brand, the 15 years is only the commence, we follow our footprint of yesterday and continue to walk towards.
1995 -- Xingdun started the business of police equipment, cooperated with several factories and mainly to trade, alarm lamp and siren were core sales.
1998 -- Established Wenzhou Xindung Electronic Instrument Factory
2001 -- Our products are certified by Traffic Safety Product Quality Supervision Testing Center of the Ministry of Public Security.
2004 -- Self-raised funds in order to buy land and build factory.
2005 -- Established Guangzhou Xingdun Company limited
2006 -- We developped high power LED alarm light and acquired several patents which were in the lead of the competitors.
2008 -- We have pioneered to get the iso9001:2008, and the products were certified by E-MAEK.
2010 -- We were be listed as intended company of Police equipment procurement center of National Public Security Ministry.
our products came up in the front of export of similar products of China.
2011 -- Our company was been recorded by Equipment Financial Department of Guangdong Publich Security Department.
Acquired an order of 262 units of central purchasing of Guangdong Publich Security Department from Procurement Center of National Public Security Ministry.
2012 -- We independently developed mobile alarm warming lamp and acquired national utility patent,acquired order of 500 units (
(Solar Alarm Lamp of BYD Electrical Auto) from Shenzhen Pulbic Security Department.
2013 -- In March, we acquired bid winning enterprise of 2013 Police Cars and On-board equipment supply catalog from Procurement Center of National Public Security Ministry in agreement.
In July, our company ammend the name to Guangzhou Xingdun Police Equipments Co., Ltd., police equipment became diversity.
In September, we acquired the notice of supply transactions of mobile alarm lamp, achohol tester, motocycle helmet, police bicycles and total 9 types of police equipments which be listed in 2010 year of police patrol cars and equipment in agreement from Ministry of Public Security.
2014 -- In April, we acquired the bid winning enterprise of 2014 supply bidding procurement project of police equipment agreement from Ministry of Public Security.
2015 --
1) obtained 2015 police equipment agreement procurement from Ministry of Public Security [ products shortlisted: mobile police office and segway;
2) the airport Public Security Bureau procurement-center of Canton Public Security Department purchased the mobile police office;
3) won the bidding of police equipment procurement project from Guangzhou Immigration Inspection General Station, PR China;
4) won the bidding of electric vehicle project from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital
2016 -- obtained the following projects from Ministry of Public Security police equipment procurement center:
1) police traffic equipment agreement procurement public bidding project;
2) police protective equipment agreement procurement public bidding project;
3) police unmanned aerial vehicle agreement procurement public bidding project.